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Bilal Kuchay

A teenage obese boy, who weighed a staggering 330 lbs, has surprisingly lost 100 lbs in a span of three months in India.

15-year-old Mahesh Bhubathi from Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh in southern India was a massive child and had undergone a bariatric surgery to lose all the fat.

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The boy now weighs only 230lbs now, still double the average weight of a boy his age.

Born to Late Sathani Sreeramulu and Sathala Sulochana,35, Bhubathi was an underweight not an obese baby at the time of his birth.

“He was underweight, when he was born but he began gaining weight after some illness,” said Bhubathi’s mother, Sulochana.

Working in a farm for a mere sum of Rs 60 (0.741£) a day, it was very difficult for Sulochana to take care of his family and feed his son, who used to eat more than 10 persons food in his single meal.

“It was very difficult for me to meet the family needs. Bhubathi used to eat as much food in a single meal, which 10 persons can eat,” she said.

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Bhubathi, who left his studies after class 4th is no less than a celebrity in his village, with children calling him “Chota Bheem”, a cartoon character famous for his obese structure.

“The villagers and children are very friendly with him, even people from nearby villages visit our house to see him. He is like a celebrity in his village,” Sulochana said.


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When asked does he feel bad about his weight, Sulochana said: “He enjoys when people make fun of him but sometimes gets angry when they tease him.”

Bhubathi’s younger brother, Sathala Ranjitkumar, who is healthy and normal studies in class 7th in a government-run school.

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Bhubathi, a 145 cm tall boy, can’t speak like a normal boy. From changing clothes to taking a bath, he needs help from his mother in all day-to-day works.

However, more than three months ago, Bhubathi was admitted in the Endocare Hospital in Vijayawada for weight reduction treatment after Dr. Ravikanth Kongara, a Laparoscopic and Bariatric surgeon, offered the family that he will treat him for free.

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“The ideal weight for him should be 77lbs, but when he was admitted in hospital he weighed 330lbs. He has lost 100lbs in past three months now and we expect him to lose another 110lbs,” Dr. Kongara said, chief surgeon at the Endorcare Hospital.

Dr. Kongara said that the boy is suffering from Pader Willie Syndrome, a genetic disorder which often leads to obesity in children as they constantly hungry.

After the surgery, Bhubathi has been kept on a proper meal schedule.

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“He is being given milk, fruits, and two eggs a day and two pieces of chicken in a week,” Dr. Ravikanth added.

Dr. Kongara has not only given free treatment to the boy but has arranged a job in the hospital for his mother as well, from which she earns 50£ a month.

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“Sulochana is the only earning hand the family has. So, when she was in hospital with his son, who would have taken care of her family. We asked her to work for few hours daily and she is being paid for that,” he said.