By Chris Adams

A crafty cat has sought sanctuary by finding a precarious new spot to relax on an open window – prompting neighbours to joke that it has been priced out of its north London home.


The ‘window sill-y’ black moggie has been snapped on several occasions by student Anna Hollingsworth lounging dangerously on the window near her flat in Islington.

Unperturbed by the risk, the unidentified pet has been making the most of its improvised cat flap and now favours the window over other sitting spots.

Anna said the fearless feline regularly roams the courtyard in the block of flats where she lives with fiancé Gabi Ionascu, 28.

Anna, 30, said: “We see it hanging around all the time. I think it’s been priced out of its cat basket.

“Our rent has just gone up again so I wouldn’t be surprised if the cat’s has too. We just walked into the courtyard one morning and there it was.


“I had to sneak up quietly to take a picture because I didn’t want it to fall off but I think the cat was pretty calm about it all.

“It’s certainly the most inventive cat flap I’ve seen. I’m not sure if it got up there from the inside of the house or outside but it looked pretty calm.

“It’s only a ground floor flat so knowing what cats are like it would probably have been fine even if it fell.

“On top of a window is such an unusual place to sit when you think about all the other spaces there are.”

Although Anna doesn’t know the cat’s owner, she sent the photographs to her cat-loving friends – who wholeheartedly approved of her new pal.


Anna, who has lived in her flat for three years, said: “I’m more of a dog person so I’ve never really approached it until this last week.

“Last night (MON) it was there again, this time sitting bolt upright, and with the window at a slightly more precarious angle. I slowly and gently put my grocery shopping down and got my phone out to try and take a picture.

“As I got closer to try and take another shot on a different evening it jumped down from its perch on the window and cautiously came over to see me

“So I gave it a stroke and told it that if it could help me pay my student debt, Islington rent or wedding costs, I’ll buy it the fanciest cream in the land.

“I think we’re friends now, although I don’t actually know the owner. I check for it every time I go out now.”