By Mollie Tracey 

Inseparable twins even after death – a heartbroken mum claims her dead son is now their family’s guardian angel.

Amy Farquhar, 27, and husband James, 28, were told at their 16 week scan that their twin boys had twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) – meaning only twin was receiving nutrients needed to survive.

PIC FROM Caters News – (PICTURED: A scan showing the twins holding hands)

Despite undergoing laser surgery to separate them in the womb, the parents-to-be were given the devastating news that Alfie had sadly passed away.

Charlie was born at 27 weeks, but over the next few weeks he battled meningitis, sepsis and numerous infections.

The tot miraculously pulled through time and time again, and Amy has thanked his guardian angel for helping him along the way.

As well as finding feathers in their home on the twins first birthday, the couple, from Peterborough, released a balloon for Alfie and noticed an unusual orb in the footage.

PIC FROM Caters News

And if that’s not all coincidental enough, Charlie is often heard talking to someone as though his twin is still with him.

Amy, who works in admin, said: “After losing Alfie we were heartbroken, but have found huge comfort in knowing that he has been watching over his twin brother, we call him Charlie’s guardian angel.

“A week before Alfie passed away, we had a scan which showed the boys holding hands, we knew from that day on they would look out for each other no matter what.

“Charlie was getting all of Alfie’s blood and nutrients leaving Alfie weak and unable to grow.

“Even with the surgery we knew the chances weren’t great but were told our only other option was to terminate Alfie, which we could never do.

“A week later a scan revealed that Alfie had sadly passed away, we were heartbroken, but I treasured the rest of my pregnancy as I knew that would be the only time we could all spend together as a family.

PIC FROM Caters News – (PICTURED: A scan showing the two twins)

“At 23 weeks we were admitted as Charlie had stopped kicking, but we discovered Alfie was actually lying in front of Charlie and hiding his movements, I instantly felt like that was Alfie’s way of protecting his brother.

“On their first birthday we did a balloon release down a country lane which we videoed, but when we looked back at the video we noticed an orb dancing around the sky as the balloon floated upwards.

“It was almost as if Alfie had come to say hello and gave us immense re-assurance that he was watching over us.

“Even to this day we constantly find feathers on our door step and floating through our window which we never have done before.

“It’s lovely to hear Charlie babbling away and sometimes I think he is talking to his brother.”

Amy was diagnosed with TTTS at her 16 week scan, and the condition, which affects identical twin pregnancies, occurs when the blood vessels of the babies’ shared placenta are connected – meaning one twin receives all of the nutrients needed to survive.

PIC FROM Caters News – (PICTURED: Amy holding hand and feet prints of Alfie)

She added: “I woke up one day and my bump seemed to have ballooned, within 24 hours I couldn’t walk and it was putting pressure on my spine.

“I was told I needed to go to London for placental laser surgery immediately, if we didn’t have the surgery we would lose both of them but if the surgery went ahead then there was a 30 per cent chance that one wouldn’t survive.

“We were devastated when we found out that Alfie hadn’t made it, and some people thought it was creepy that I was carrying my dead baby, but I treasured every moment as I knew we wouldn’t get very long together.”

Amy was taken to hospital on March 14 2015 for an emergency C-section as her placenta had ruptured.

Amy said: “Charlie weighed 2lbs 1oz and was taken straight to NICU but I was allowed to hold Alfie, who weighed just 13oz.

PIC FROM Caters News “We kissed goodbye to Alfie on Mother’s Day but soon after we started to notice his presence still around us.

“At 18 days old Charlie contracted sepsis and meningitis and we were taken to a quiet room and told his chances were extremely low and we were advised not to leave the hospital.

“Miraculously, after ten days he was well enough to be removed from life support and to this day has no lasting damage from this which is almost unheard of.

“His funeral was planned for when Charlie finally left NICU however three days before, Charlie was readmitted with a chest infection and placed on oxygen as he had trouble with his breathing.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Doctors expected he would have to remain in hospital for weeks but again, miraculously, the morning of Alfie’s funeral Charlie suddenly perked up and they allowed us to go.”