Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This feisty kitten proves it isn’t just dogs that hate postal staff by attacking the window every time it spots Debra Anderson delivering mail.

Debra, who works for Canada Post, is continually leapt on by one black and white cat on her route through Hamilton, Ontario.

As soon as the mischievous moggy hears the clank of the mailbox, she jumps straight at the window where Debra is.

Laughing along, the cheeky cat – called Jasmin – follows Debra along the window sill before pouncing at the glass repeatedly.

Debra said: “I think it’s absolutely hilarious.

“Jasmin loves the attention I give her.

“Her owner told me that she waits for me to come to the house every day.

“She waits for the mailbox to clank and then pounces at the window.

“The ‘attacks’ last for as long as I give her the attention.

“As soon as I leave she goes back to her cuddly self.”

Debra is no stranger to animal assaults having being bitten by a dog in 2016, however, she finds Jasmin’s attempts adorable.

She even tickles the glass where the cheeky cat is poised to strike leading her to rear up at the window with her paws outstretched and teeth bared.

Debra said: “I knew nobody would believer me if I told them this adorable kitten kept pouncing for me, that’s why I started filming.

“It still makes me laugh every day and is the highlight of my route.

“Even if I’m on a different route that day I consider just visiting quickly.”