Video Viral

By Liam Bolland

Watch the hilarious moment a parrot unloads its owner’s dryer.

Melanie Smith, 55, from Jackson, Mississippi, watches her 16-year-old-parrot, Penny, unload her dryer and help her with the daily house work.

The helpful parrot started removing clothing and towels from the dryer after copying Melanie, and it has become a habit since.

Now, on a weekly basis, Penny walks up to the dryer and ensures each and every piece of material is removed, much to the satisfaction of her owner.

Melanie said: “I have never seen a bird do anything like this before, the first time I saw Penny unload the dryer I was so surprised.

“She started unloading the dryer after seeing me do it in January this year, now it has become a habit and she does it at least once every week.

“She gets herself into mischief several times a day, especially when I’m not looking.”

Melanie added: “Penny loves to cause havoc and is great at removing items from certain places, such as pulling garbage out of the can.

“I always make sure the paper that I throw into that particular can is safe for her, as I know she will go crazy with it.

“She also loves to pull tissues out of the kleenex box and shred them into little pieces.”