Video Viral

By Kim Reader

A vain woman driver was so busy doing her MAKE-UP at the wheel in her rear-view mirror and rummaging head-first in her handbag that she failed to notice her wing mirror was folded in.

Steve Woodmore has shared the footage to ‘publicly humiliate’ the woman after he spotted the distracted female driver behind him getting ‘dangerously close’ to his vehicle as they passed three schools in Chiselhurst, Kent.

When he got home the ‘horrified’ professional driver decided to check his rear-view dash cam and claimed he was ‘totally shocked’ by what he saw.

The blonde woman appears to be staring at herself in her mirror instead of keeping her eyes on the road and at one point appears to have her head in her handbag while crawling forward.

Dad-of-four Steve, 57, said: “We were queuing at these lights and I looked in my mirror and I panicked thinking the woman behind wasn’t going to stop.

“I’m surprised she didn’t hit me, she got so close. I had to move forward a bit to make some room.

“That’s why I decided to watch the footage back when I got home and I was totally shocked by what I saw – she wasn’t paying any attention to the road at all.

“She kept looking down at her handbag and there was one point she had picked up her bag and was looking in it while she was moving forward.

“Then she was looking in her mirror to do her make-up or put on spot cream or whatever she’s doing. She was up to all sorts.”

In the footage the female driver seems oblivious that her driver-side wing mirror is folded in while queuing behind Steve at traffic lights.

Steve claims she was paying so little attention she ‘could have easily hit a student’.

Steve said: “Wherever her mind was, it was not on driving. She was so distracted she didn’t even realise that her wing mirror was completely folded in the whole time.

“The road those traffic lights are on run past three schools and there are always kids crossing the road.

“She was so busy looking in the wrong mirrors and doing her makeup she could have hit a child and she would not have even known about it. Watching the video, I was horrified.”

The distracted female motorist has been labelled a ‘stereotypical woman driver’ and ‘typical dumb blonde’ by people on social media.

One woman said: “Dozy bloody cow. She is the stereotype woman driver that give us all a bad name. Open your wing-mirror, love!”

And this isn’t the first time Steve has captured a female driver seemingly distracted by her make-up and handbag at the wheel – a diversion he believes is worse than using a mobile phone while driving.

While Steve thinks the stereotypes of women drivers ‘exist for a reason’, he said as a whole he feels men take more risks on the roads.

Steve said: “I’m not saying anything about women drivers but I have seen so many women distracted by their make-up and their handbags at the wheel.

“I would say men are worse drivers. They definitely take more risks on the road.

“They think they have wrapped themselves up in a piece of metal and now they’re invincible, but how many men have make-up bags in their cars?

“This woman is just perpetuating all the negative stereotypes about women drivers and those stereotypes exist for a reason.

“She kept looking away again and again and she really shouldn’t be driving that distracted.

“I think what she is doing is worse than driving and being on your phone.

“I have never and would never do it but at least when people are on the phone, their eyes are still on the road but she was not looking at all.

“But doing make-up and driving isn’t a crime. The only way to make people learn is public humiliation.”