Video Viral

By Chris Adams

A biker’s helmet camera shows the moment a ‘pathetic’ female driver cut up queueing traffic – and became irate when he caught her flicking through her phone during the cocky manoeuvre.

Brett Mullineaux found himself in a war of words with the Audi driver after she cheekily tried to use a right turn-only lane to her advantage in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

The pair exchanged expletives and x-rated hand gestures after Brett’s helmet-cam clocked a mobile phone in her left hand as she tried to swerve back into the correct lane.

Footage shows how the Audi had originally been queuing to go straight ahead, but impatiently used the right turn-only lane to nip past just three cars – including a learner driver.

Brett, 44, from Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, said: “It was such a petty move to gain about 20 yards. It’s pathetic some of the things you see.

“I guarantee she was looking at directions on her phone and reckoned she could take a shortcut by turning right, then realised she was wrong.

“I thought it was a bit unusual the way she jerked out of the queuing traffic and then once I filtered past I could clearly see the phone in her hand.

“It’s a joke how lax some drivers are with phones at the wheel. As a biker, you’re constantly in danger. They may only be glancing down at them but all it takes is one wrong move and we’re a goner.

“That’s why the Audi made me so angry. She clearly didn’t have a clue what was happening around her. One of the cars she overtook was a learner who was probably wondering what he was watching.

“Perhaps I overreacted but she beeped at me and I was only giving her a piece of my mind. She gave it back.”

The incident, which happened on Broadway at around 5.50pm on March 8, was not reported to police.

Dad-of-two Brett, a commercial body repairer, said: “If I had to ring the police every time I saw a driver using a phone, I’d be on to them 24/7.

“She was driving like a k**b, pure and simple. I think the instructor in the learner car said something to her as well.

“How impatient do you have to be to put everyone in danger to go past three cars? I think by the time we moved off again she maybe got past one.

“You see it every day – people on Facebook, watching football, playing games. Surely they have hands-free?

“Maybe I shouldn’t have reacted as angrily as I did but it’s so frustrating.”