Video Viral

By Andrew Kao

This loving boyfriend was willing to help out his girlfriend flat iron her wig- and looks like he actually enjoyed it. 

Hidayah Muhammad, 19, a cosmetology student, filmed her boyfriend, 19, a financial specialist, on the 2nd of October, at their home in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

The cute boyfriend said: “We were chilling in my room discussing why she decided to switch from sew-ins to wearing wigs- a couple hours flew by and she realized she had to flat iron hair wig before we left.

“She didn’t have a Dome head so she begged me for about 30mins to use my head- of course, I said no but she told me how she didn’t like to hold the hair and flat iron. 

“In my head, I kept saying no but I finally said yes because I didn’t want her to go through more than she has to when she has me to help- she put the wig on.

“It started itching, I started complaining then took it off my head- after a few laughs she put it on again because we started running short on time. 

“At that moment while sitting at the edge of my bed I started recording and saying petty things just being funny- when the flat iron process was done. 

“I looked in the mirror, we laughed and took pictures like I was a female model- we came back in the room and she just started recording. 

“I play around all the time so I started imitating females and how they are when they get their hair done- of course, I will try my best when I’m playing a role as something or somebody else.

” I think that’s why people are saying I’m a homosexual- but it’s just how me and my girlfriend are.

Hidayah said:

“My reaction from him wearing my wig was priceless- we always do silly stuff like that so I was dead.

“We have a very silly relationship so this was normal for us.”