Animals Video

By Helen Le Caplain

This is the amoo-sing moment two cars came to a standstill on a quiet country lane when a huge herd of Highland Cattle decided to take the high road and block it entirely.

Holidaymakers Claire and Stephen Connor were visiting the Isle of Mull during their ten-day tour of Scotland last Tuesday [SEPT 25] when they came across the woolly road block.

As they drove along the A849 towards Tobermory in their hire car the pair were forced to grind to a halt when a dozen cattle decided to saunter along it.


It looked like quite the family day out as younger calves can be seen clambering onto the road followed by larger protective adults.

Passenger Claire, 46, was thrilled at the opportunity to snap the brazen beasts as they ambled by while bus driver hubby Stephen was concerned they might damage the vehicle.

Sales assistant Claire from Newport, South Wales, said: “The cows are lush, they look so cute.

“I’ve loved them since I was a kid when I first came to Scotland on holiday and since then I’ve thought they are adorable.

“That morning, at around 11am, we were driving around and then lo and behold they walked out in front of us.


“They weren’t bothered by us, they were just strolling along doing their own thing.

“My husband was driving the hire car, he was a bit nervous that they might come round the side of us and scrape the car with their big horns. He was praying that nothing would happen.

“I was loving it and quite happy to be stuck in traffic because I got the chance to take lots of photos.”

The couple were stuck in the bovine blockage for about ten minutes before they were able to head off and explore the island.

Stephen Connor, 59, said: “As a bus driver I’m used to being stuck in traffic, just not that kind.

“It was a bit nerve-wracking but it was great.”