Video Viral

By Michael Scott

Thousands of top Freshers from all the main Universities in Oxford came out to town on Wednesday [3rd] evening during their Freshers Week which is traditionally held 2 weeks after the rest of the country. 

Wednesday evening saw sold out events at 4 nightclubs in the cty centre including ATIK, Fever, Cirkus and Emporium. 

ATIK was the most popular with queues seen stretching down the street Students were seen wearing Freshers t-shirts as they partied the night away. 

Several emergency service vehicles were seen in the area dealing with the worst of the nights revellers, although none seemed to need to be transferred to the hospital, instead being led back to halls by newfound friends. 

One girl was seen lying on the floor as her friend sat on top of her whilst another woman waved at the camera aloft on a friends shoulder. 

Older freshers helpers were on hand to guide others home after they had ordered a takeaway in the iconic city.