Video Viral

By Harriet Whitehead

A toddler left her parents in hysterics after her accidental rude recital of the planets included a naughty mispronunciation of the word ‘Venus’.

Lily Hocking, two, is adamant that the planet is called ‘penis’ rather than Venus – no matter how often mum Emma Hocking tries to correct her.

Emma, 34, said Lily loves learning about the planets and recites them twice a day – always pronouncing Venus with a ‘p’ rather than ‘v’.

The mum of two shared hilarious video footage where she can be heard saying ‘what comes after Mercury?’ and adorable Lily keeps repeating ‘penis’ while Emma can be heard trying to correct her.

Emma from Blackburn, Lancashire, said: “Whenever she does it – which is usually a couple of times a day – she says it with a ‘p’.

“She won’t be told that it starts with a ‘v’ no matter how many times I say, she’s not having it.

“We correct her every time. It’s funny at the moment and it does make us laugh but it’s one of those things we need to correct.

“The first time she did it we tried not to laugh but we couldn’t help it. We were like ‘what did she say?’

“She has no idea what the ‘p’ word means, she’s not saying it to get a reaction or make us laugh.

“She’s quite headstrong. If she says it’s black and it’s white – it’s black. She won’t be told.

“She’s decided that’s how it’s said so that’s how it’s said.”

Accounts clerk Emma and retail worker husband Chris Hocking, 43, said Lily loves learning.

Emma said: “She watches the baby shark video on YouTube a lot and quite often the planet song comes on afterwards.

“She loves learning about the planets and she’s pretty good at reciting them.

“She’s always learning. She has flash cards and gets the planets right probably seven out of 10 times. We’re really proud of her, it’s impressive.

“Her brother Corey is severely autistic and can’t speak and she really helps him.

“She doesn’t do it with any other ‘v’ word – just Venus. Although she does like to say ‘pish’ rather than ‘fish’.

“She goes to nursery one day a week and I’m not sure if she’s saying it there, they’ve not reported anything.

“Hopefully by the time she starts writing she’ll be saying ‘Venus’.

“She’s such an affectionate little girl and is so loving. She loves her big brother, she’s very funny and clever.”