By David Aspinall

This happy toddler can’t stop making friends as he pushes a mini trolley while helping his mum with the shopping.

Little Kyle Maniago turned heads when he moved his personal cart around a Walmart in Downey, California, USA, with mother Jeanette.

Bouncing around with excitement, the 22-month-old shoves some cleaning essentials and a Toy Story doll before showing staff his receipt.

Having stepped outside, two older ladies say how cute Kyle is before asking if he will do their shopping for them as he cheerily waves ‘bye’ repeatedly.

Dad Roland said: “We are always surprised with how much attention Kyle gets.

“The two women who spoke to him kept joking they wanted to take him home.

“We had only gone in to the store for a quick look but obviously with a kid it’s never that simple.

“In the end, we stayed for at least half an hour.”

Kyle loves helping with the groceries so much that his parents bought him his very own shopping trolley.

Roland said: “Before he would try and push the big carts around.

“So eventually we gave him his own trolley as a Christmas present.

“He loves it and can’t wait to go shopping all the time.”