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A diver was stunned to receive a HIGH FIVE from a huge humpback whale.

Mike Korostelev, 35, from Moscow, was on a photography journey in Tonga last month when he was lucky enough to capture the magical once in a lifetime snap.

The photographer was shocked when he came face-to-face with the gentle giant who wanted to play with the group – and he was even more shocked when the beautiful creature returned a high five.

Speaking of the magical scene, Mike said: “As you can see in the pics, sometimes the mums have an escort – an adult male whale who guards the mum and kid.  

“The whales behave differently with humans – but they are never aggressive. Sometimes the adults just don’t notice you, but the baby whales are very curious and try to play with you.

“So this means you are all the time being hit with flippers or tails.

“This time something unusual happened. A couple of adult whales got curious and started to play with the divers.”

Mike said the scene was so unique, he had never seen anything like it in his eight year career.

He added: “It’s a very unusual feeling when two creatures as big as a bus are playing with you.

“When we were in water they were making circles around us, ‘stood up’ vertically and hugged us with their huge five metre long flippers.

“When we wanted to head back to the boat, they wouldn’t let us go. 

“We had a feeling they really liked playing with us.”