Amazing Video

By Jamie Smith

The stunning moment kayakers paddle down a waterfall in the pitch black dark has been caught on camera.

Brendan Wells, 22, took the incredible footage while paddling down rapids on the White Salmon River and Outlet Creek in Washington State.

The professional kayaker can be seen snapping his brother, Todd, splashing water into the air with flashing bright LED lights as he makes his way through the rapids.

Tait Trautman/Caters News

Brendan, who hopes to continue filming kayaking expeditions, said: “I paddle here with my brother on a regular basis and we have so much fun.

“With the help of friends, we attached LED lights to our kayaks, paddles, and our gear.

“It was a very psychedelic experience.

Tait Trautman/Caters News

“I have never felt anything like this before, seeing the footage back from our LED night shoot was amazing.”