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toddler swear

By Sophie Norris

A mum was mortified when her ‘innocent’ three-year-old daughter began sticking her MIDDLE FINGER up whenever she was on camera – a habit she claims she learnt from watching YouTube.


Anne-Louise Ovenstone, 40, had been taking a picture on a family day out when toddler Maisie started to pull the unfortunate pose with a huge grin on her face.

Maisie has even learnt to sing ‘The Winky Song’, which features graphic cartoons of genitalia and breasts being poked.

Maisie and her sister, Ellii, nine, often use the YouTube Kids app on their iPad – which has parental control filters – but Anne-Louise believes they has also been watching the regular version of the site.

Anne-Louise, from Fife, Scotland, said: “When Maisie first did this I couldn’t believe it – she’s so innocent.

“I honestly don’t know how she’s seen this. She uses YouTube Kids on her iPad.


“Whilst Ellii watches make-up tutorials on the normal YouTube, Maisie just clicks all the pictures and watches crazy videos.

“She’d been watching stuff and I thought it would be Elsa from Frozen or something, but then she did this.

“We were on a trip out to the shops when she first did it. It’s just so out-of-character for her.

“I asked her what she was doing and she replied ‘one’s better than two’.

“Me and my partner [Ashley] were crying with laughter. We couldn’t help it.

“She doesn’t understand what she’s doing or what it means, I don’t think.


“I’ve been trying to nip it in the bud but when she sees us laughing, she does it again.

“Her older sister, Ellii, is quite mischievous and she keeps egging her on even more. She’s trying to get Maisie into trouble.”

In addition to middle finger salute, Maisie’s has also learnt the words to ‘The Winky Song’, which features cartoon drawings of penises, vaginas, breasts, and semen.

Anne-Louise said: “She’s also picked up this song called ‘The Winky Song’ and sings it all the time.

“She started singing and I was shocked. I just heard was ‘nip nip, ball sack’ and I said ‘you can’t watch that’.


“She keeps repeating it and I don’t know how she’s been able to access it. Her oldest sister just watches make-up tutorials with her sometimes.

“Me and Ashley never really swear ourselves. I can’t think when we have every done it in front of her.”

Anne-Louise is keen to make other parents aware that whilst this incident made them laugh, they fear adult content is too easily accessible for young children.

Anne-Louise said: “We have always had parental controls on the girls’ iPads and we use YouTube Kids for Maisie so she can watch things on her own.


“I’m not very tech-savvy so I don’t know all of the different controls you can put on.

“Her sister does use the normal YouTube for make-up tutorials and music, so I’m not sure if she’s picked the middle finger up from there.

“She’s been doing it on a lot of the pictures I take and we even have a video of it.

“YouTube should definitely look into it because while it may not have been on the Kids app, a three-year-old could still easily access it just by
clicking on what seem like cartoons.”

YouTube declined to comment but pointed out that their website is only intended for those over 13-years-old.

YouTube Kids is a new app developed specifically for children to ensure all content they access is suitable.