Video Viral

By Andrew Kao 

A heroic police officer has been captured on camera saving a woman’s life on a blind curve of road.

 Officer Blair from Anna Police Department in Texas, USA, was called to the emergency scene on County Road 373 earlier this month to assist a woman who had crashed her vehicle. 

As he reached the scene, a pickup truck sped around the corner at high speed and lost control, smashing into the woman’s car. 

In the incredible footage, Officer Blair can be seen dragging the woman out of the path of the speeding vehicle with seconds to spare.

 Chief Caponera, from Anna Police Department, said: “Whilst working on an emergency scene on County Road 373, near to a blind curve, Officer Blair was assisting a woman near her vehicle when a pickup truck came round the corner at high speed.  

“The truck lost control, causing it to hit the vehicle Officer Blair was originally called to. 

“Officer Blair caught the pickup truck out of his peripheral vision and without hesitation, decided to place himself between the woman and the vehicles – getting her out of harms way. 

“His brave actions saved both his life and the life of the woman who originally called for help.”