Life Video

By Charlotte Regen

A man who was born female shared an emotional video after seeing the results of his gender reassignment. 

22 year old Ryan, was assigned the wrong gender at birth – being assigned female even though he identified as male. 

Having waited ten years for breast removal to be greeted by a flat chest, Ryan a trans-male is still recovering from surgery and states that the reaction is “heart-warming and my life has changed”.

Sharing a video filmed by his friend to Twitter, Ryan also hopes to undergo gender reassignment surgery. 

Having started a gofundme page, he has started the process receiving hormones but states ”It is really expensive for me.”

“I am just scared if I can’t have the money to have surgery. I decided to transition because I could not take it anymore.”

“I am really uncomfortable in my body and the worst thing is when people misgender me.”

Speaking on what the hardest part of living in the wrong body is, “It feels like a knife through my heart people don’t respect me and also the money to get it done [reassignment surgery].”