Amazing Video

By Chanel Livesey 

Footage of a moth extracting nectar from flowers has gone viral after a woman spent three years trying to capture the moment on film. 

Retail worker Mary Ann Lambert, 58, from Minnesota, USA, was determined to film the hummingbird moth she’d seen in her garden. 

But it took three years for Mary – who has a passion for the outdoors – to capture the moth extracting nectar. 

And it was worth the wait, as it has since taken the internet by storm after being shared over 1.4k times online. 

During the clip, the moth can be heard extracting nectar from the flowers as it hovers on her garden. 

Mary said: “I never thought the videos I posted on Facebook would explore into having millions of people around the world, sharing, enjoying and commenting on the videos. 

“It’s quite a unique feeling knowing that these people have also noticed and appreciated the beauty of something as small as a hummingbird moth.

“Comments have included, ‘Wow…how lucky can you get?’ and ‘beautiful.’”