Video Viral

By Andrew Kao

A jokester has been captured trying to perform the ‘In My Feelings’ challenge in a car wash – but quickly stops as her friend’s CAR DOOR rips off.

Fallon Gomez was driving her friends through the car wash when she decided to do the ‘In My Feelings’ challenge when the renowned Drake track came on the radio.

However, much to their surprise, the challenge abruptly ended when her friend’s car door ended up breaking off as the car wash continued.

Being able to laugh about it now, Fallon just hopes that the singer sees the video and laughs at it.

Fallon said: “My two friends and I were in the car and we decided to go through the car wash.

“While we were mid-car wash, the Drake song came on the radio and I had the bright idea to hop out and do the challenge. 

“But it ended with a broken door.

“As we exited the car wash the door would not close, and I almost got blown away by the giant dryer.

“It was so funny and absolutely spontaneous, I just hope Drake sees the video and laughs.”