Offbeat Video

By Michael Scott and James Somper

A garden wizard has spent 273 hours mowing an amazing geometric pattern into his front lawn – using an antique lawnmower from the 1940s.

Keith Smith, 41, cut his grass three times a DAY for three months throughout the summer – spending 21 hours a week on his unique creation – to be crowned champion at this year’s Creative Lawn Stripes Competition.

Pic by Keith Smith/Caters News

It is the third successive prize-winning design dad-of-two Keith, from Great Barr, Birmingham, has dreamt up after he previously wowed the judges with a Union Flag design.

And Keith, who works as a groundsman for Edgbaston Golf Club, even admitted his wife and kids are forced to avoid his pride and joy.

 He said: “Mowing my lawn is my passion. 

“I like keeping myself to myself, I don’t drink or smoke, and my wife and kids are my world, but this keeps me fit and healthy.

 “My wife and kids don’t go on the lawn because they’re so concerned they’ll trample my creation.

“I mowed the lawn two or three times a day from the beginning of June to the first week of August.

Pic by Keith Smith/Caters News

 “The initial pattern was cut to 5mm length, with the top definition part measuring 17mm.”

Keith had to tend to his beloved lawn at least three times a day to ensure that the pattern wasn’t ruined by the hot weather over June and July. 

But despite the challenge of the hot weather over the summer months, the dad-of-two said he was still able to make his lawn thrive.

“I use the antique mowers because they are cylinder mowers and not rotary mowers. Cylinder mowers give you a scissor like cut, a rotary mower slices the grass.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

 Keith said: “This new geometric design was a pattern I found on the internet.

“I was struggling for a design this year, and came across this one and thought I’d give it a go.  

“The lawn was so wet ant the beginning of the year I think the grass still was still wet.

“I watered it a lot too obviously. At one stage I thought I was going to have to let it go but I kept on watering on.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

“If there’d had been a hosepipe ban it would have been a disaster.

“I’m sure there are thousands of lawns which were wrecked – but not mine.”