Offbeat Video

By Chanel Livesey

This woman who transforms herself into ‘The Nun’ using makeup – the result is definitely scary.

A woman has revealed how she transformed herself into ‘The Nun’ using only makeup – the result is definitely scary.

Sarah Lamarlere, 35 from France, altered her appearance to replicate the fearful character from the recently released horror film.

Using the theme of ‘demonic creatures’ she spent five hours conjuring the creepy creation.

Sarah used a combination of make-up, contact lenses, fake blood and fabric to form the soon to be popular Halloween design.

Sarah – who is a full-time online marketer, website designer, blogger and has recently started a wood, palette and vintage furniture business with her husband – admits she relished the ‘challenge’ to make the character.

She said: “I had agreed to take part in a makeup collaboration on Instagram and the theme was ‘demonic creatures’.

“Because I’ve been doing mostly very colourful and cheerful makeups lately, I freaked out a little at the theme and had no idea what to do until the very last minute.

“But I love a good challenge – I did some research on google and I stumbled upon The Nun trailer, it was definitely creepy enough, so I went for it.

“If I was going to turn into a demonic creature I wanted to be unrecognizable.

“The makeup took me about four to five hours, that includes filming, taking photos, setting up the lights, green screen and cleaning up afterwards and also taking forever to put on the contact lenses.

“It was one of the easiest ones actually, I barely needed any paint or products: black and white paint, setting powder and a little bit of black eyeshadow.

“I used old black fabric for the hood and my Pennywise contact lenses- the only tricky part was taking the final pictures because the fake teeth I was wearing were making me drool profusely.

“My chest was getting covered in fake blood and I was trying not to swallow my saliva because it contained fake blood and I wasn’t sure if it was toxic or not.

“My parents said ‘what did you do to our daughter?’- I’m very grateful for all the love this makeup received.

“Apart from one thumb down, people have been extremely nice and supportive, leaving kind comments and tagging their friends, I think it’s going to be a pretty popular disguise this Halloween.”