Taniya Dutta

They’re one of the tiniest couples in the world – but this Pakistani couple is showing the world how to stand gracefully on their ‘tiny’ feet despite being bullied and challenged by the society.

Muhammad Ibrahhim Ali, 26, and his wife Sanober Ibrahim, 24, from Karachi are one of the tiniest couples in the world.

While Ibrahim stands 38 inches tall, his wife is only three feet tall.

But despite their stature, the couple, who are also proud parents of a two year old dwarf son Ismail, are thankful to God for the blessed life.

“I have no qualms of being a short person. Both my husband and I are blessed with healthy limbs and bodies and we live like any normal person. I have no complaints from God. In fact, I feel gifted for this beautiful life. This is my only life and I want to live it to the fullest.

“We have faced many troubles while growing up but now we enjoy all the attention. There have been times when people named call us and even followed us to our home, but we have learnt to not let such people bring us down,” says a smiling Sanober.

While Ibrahim is the only dwarf in his family of nine, Sanober comes from the family of dwarfs. Her father, sister and two brothers stand as tall as her.

She says: “We are extremely happy people. We live normal lives. I have realised it is the society that makes us feel bad about ourselves People stop us and ask us why are we short? I wonder what is the matter with them. I want to tell everyone clearly that we are not living a flawed life.”

The couple met five years ago after Ibhrahim’s sister spotted Sanober at a shopping mall.

Talking about her marriage, Sanober said: “I had never thought I would ever get married. I was teased in school and my confidence was low.

“But one day, I was shopping with my mother when Ibrahim’s sister spotted me. She kept staring at me which made me uncomfortable. Furious, when I confronted her, she came up with the marriage proposal for her brother!”

Within four months, Sanober and Ibrahim, a peon at a private firm, exchanged wedding vows.

But parenthood was a far-fetched dream for the madly in love duo.

Sanober says: “I was over the moon when I got married and enjoying everyday with my husband and motherhood was not I had ever dreamed of. My pregnancy was the biggest surprise of our lives. Both of us were thrilled with the news. We could not believe we were going to become parents.”

But some people including doctors were not happy and even warned the couple for not having a baby saying it could also have dwarfism.

However, both the parents and the families were least bothered about the child’s height and welcomed the child anyway.

“Both of us and our families were happy to learn that I was expecting. But some people had a problem with even my pregnancy. While we were worried for the health of the child, others told us to not have the baby as it would be dwarf too.

“Is it a sin to be a dwarf? It is not us who feel bad about ourselves but the people who question us about our existence,” Sanober added.

The couple now wants to raise their only child in a positive and happy environment without teaching him the significance of physical appearance.

“Our child is a gift of God to us and we want to make sure to fulfill all his wishes. He is the biggest surprise of our lives and we love him the most. The meaning of our lives have changed after his birth. Now, even people have started respecting us. He is our pride and I want to give him the best life.”