Offbeat Video

By Andrew Kao 

A daughter has filmed the hilarious moment her mum accidentally ripped off both of her eyebrows trying to remove a super sticky face mask. 

Nicole Cano, 19, can be heard giggling as her mum, Brenda, tries to peel off the $4 charcoal mask and ends up waxing both of her eyebrows completely off instead. 

Brenda, a daycare director from Houston, Texas said she applied two layers of the mask and that she began to panic as she realised what she had done

She also admits she didn’t read the instructions – which state not to apply to facial hair – properly.  

The 35-year-old, whose ‘face mask fail’ is now going viral said: “I had been breaking out so I went to the local dollar store to get something for my face. I was very limited to my options because the dollar store didn’t have much to chose from.

“I got home and started doing laundry and later that night before I went to bed I decided to try the mask. 

“I went into the bathroom and applied a layer onto my face. The mask was very watery and because it didn’t look dark enough I could still see my skin through it so I applied a second layer.

“I was finally satisfied and I came out of the bathroom and continued with laundry but I could still feel some running on the side of my face.

“I even sat in front of a fan for a while before deciding to get up and read the directions on the tube. 

“It clearly stated on the directions do not apply on edges and facial hair but by then it was too late. My face felt tight and the mask had hardened already.  

“My daughter was in the kitchen when I went and told her what I had done. She immediately took out her phone and began recording.

“I began to try to remove the mask but it was stuck. The whole time i was trying not to swear but it was pulling bad.

“If you notice in the video at one point i was even asking for water to apply on my face to see if it would help.

“I continued to attempt to remove the mask and I could feel every single facial hair being ripped out.

“I had to give it a break for about 10 seconds because it was painful, mind you I applied two layers of the mask because to me it didn’t look dark enough. 

“I finally had most of it off when all that was left was the eyebrow area.

“I slowly attempted one at a time, one was coming off easier than the other but right when I got to the actual brow i could feel the hair pulling.

“That’s when I began to panic. I thought pulling fast would alleviate the pain and work better so I gave it a big pull and the eyebrows were gone.

“At no given point did I think this $4 mask would cause this tragedy.

“I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry but when my daughter said “Mum your eyebrows” she handed me a mirror and I couldn’t help but to laugh myself.”