Animals Video

By Andew Kao

This hilarious video shows a faithful pooch TERRIFIED by a series of everyday household items.

Filmed by Hannah Garcia, 21, at her grandma’s house in Indiana, the video shows Hannah scaring her grandmother’s faithful pooch with a hair comb, pencil and even a ball of elastic bands. 

In each shot, Hannah can be seen approaching the dog, Charlie, with an item in her hand.

As soon as Charlie catches sight of Hannah though, the nervous dog runs away terrified.

Hannah said she decided to pull the stunt while spending an afternoon at her grandmother’s.

“My grandma asked me to come over to help her move furniture and clean,” the fitness worker said.

Hannah said that the idea for the stunt came to her after she’d scoured social media. 

“I have seen videos of people chasing their animals with objects so while we were relaxing I decided to chase Charlie with a few objects I found while cleaning and it worked!”