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zebra fight

By Ellie Duncombe

Try not to get in too much of a spin watching these feisty Zebras battling it out.

Wildlife obsessed amateur photographers, the Raw Wild founders, watched two Zebras get into a heated fight at the Kruger National Park.

Geologist, Matthew McCreesh and teacher, Catherine van Eyk, both 27-years-old captured the action which lasted an exhausting half an hour.

Catherine said: “We have seen similar behaviour in other animals, but our first time for such a long time period with Zebras.

“It was exciting but we could not find a reason for the behaviour. It’s interesting to watch Zebras be so active because they are normally very calm and just eat all the time.

“Our friends have found it both interesting and funny to watch as the Zebras keep trying to bite each other’s ankles.

“It may have been a show of dominance, but we could not understand why the one Zebra kept doing it to the others.

“In the end it was not only between two Zebras as the more aggressive one would move off to pick a fight with another Zebra.”