By Hayley Pugh

The international space station has pulled off a photobomb that is quite literally out of this world – zooming into the frame as a photographer took a picture of the Aurora Borealis.

Snapper Paul Zizka called the incredible phenomenon a ‘happy accident’ after realising he had photographed two extraordinary events at the same time.

Paul Zizka / Caters News

The award-winning photographer, from Alberta, Canada was visiting Banff National Park when he captured the incredible shot.

He said: “This is one of the best Aurora Borealis displays in years at Banff National Park.

“The International Space Station passed behind an aurora curtain above Mount Rundle.

Paul Zizka / Caters News

“I knew it was around but it was a happy accident that I captured it.

“The figure is myself. I often end up with self-portraits as I often rush out alone at the last minute when these conditions appear.

“It’s always so amazing when you get any aurora show but especially one as strong as this.

Paul Zizka / Caters News

“The excitement and awe is incredible and what would be a silent evening in the mountains can sometimes be interrupted by whooping and cheering from fellow admirers you can’t see in the dark.

“Absolutely no matter how many times I see it there’s always a feeling that you’re seeing something really special.

“Plus every display is different and has its own unique features. It’s always a pleasure to share it with others who are experiencing for the first time to see their amazement.”