Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This talented Australian Shepherd is a real Paw-casso with all the proceeds from her doggy masterpieces going to charity.

Painting pooch Ivy loves nothing more than sitting down in front of an easel at home in Charlotte, North Carolina, with owner Lisa Kite.


With direction from Lisa and some chicken breast treats on offer, the five-year-old animal artist can finish a painting within a month as she only paints once a week.

From her growing social media following, Ivy’s artwork has sold for up to £150 ($200) with the money going to animal welfare charities across the USA.

Lisa said: “I almost cried when Ivy finished her first painting. 

“I was and still am so proud.

“When I tell people about my painting dog they usually think I said my daughter. 

“They’re normally really surprised and impressed. 

“We don’t make money from Ivy, it’s just a really fun hobby. 


“Ivy is my once in a lifetime dog and this is all about having a great relationship and having fun.”

Ivy has been painting for the last three years after Lisa bought her an easel for Christmas following a friend’s challenge to see if she could paint.

At any given time, Ivy will have four pieces of art on the go as Lisa was told to allow the paint to dry between applying different strokes.

Lisa said: “I free shaped the trick, asking her to figure out what I wanted her to do and used a clicker and poached chicken breast pieces to communicate. 

“My favourite piece is her first one. 

“I totally geeked out when she did it, I couldn’t believe she did it. 


“A year later she did a canvas in the same colours to see the progress she’d made.”

So far, her artwork has been sent to the UK, France, Germany, Australia, and Canada. 

Lisa said: “We did a series of small paintings for people to hang over their pet’s bowls. 

“Sort of art for a pets dining room. 

“We donate profits to animal welfare charities. 

“We donate paintings to be sold or auctioned to charities. 

“A friend’s dog died of cancer, so we donated to animal cancer research. 


“We’re not set on one particular charity.”