Amazing Offbeat

By Iain Watts and Kim Reader

A doting dad has created a series of magical masterpieces by photoshopping his partner and baby boy into surreal scenes.

In Andreas Häggkvist’s incredible creations, tiny 10-week-old Max Häggkvist toddles through far off lands of flying books and paints stripes on zebras.

Mum Naslin Ossanloo, 35, also features in the fantastical photos, pouring Max out of a water jug and looking on while her tot floats around a flooded living room as a waterfall  cascades out of a picture frame.


Each beautifully detailed image takes Andreas, 38, hours to perfect with every new artwork taking longer than the last as the creative director challenges himself to make them more and more intricate.

The enchanting illustrations were just a bit of fun for Andreas when he started posting them on social media for his only follower – his mum.

But in just a few weeks, the first-time dad has gained more than 4,000 followers and now uses his pictures to spread the joys and magic of childhood.

Andreas from Stockholm, Sweden, said: “I have always loved creating and spend a lot of my time working on different ideas and creations but I think having Max has given me the direction and purpose that I was lacking before – without me even knowing it.

“At first I just did what I felt in the moment, having my mum as my only follower.

“But since I now have a couple of thousand followers, I really try to incorporate something thoughtful in either my image or in my captions.


“I know I’m just a small duck in the pond but I do believe that everyone that can spread some good vibes around the world, no matter whether you’re reaching 100 million people or just three certain individuals.

“Each image takes a lot longer than the one before. At first, it was like 30 minutes but I’ve kind of raised the bar for myself and I never want to create something that isn’t the best I’ve done.

“Now I can sit for hours just trying to figure out how to create a waterfall. But it’s kind of therapeutic getting lost in small little details. I really love that part.


“For me, I have to let it take time.

“To do this as a family is also a great motivation and I have gotten such great responses from Naslin, my family and hers and all of our friends so that too has made me want to keep going and create more images.

“And on top of that, not a day goes by that I don’t receive a message about how happy my pictures makes someone and how they brighten their day.

“If that’s not a wonderful bonus, I don’t know what is.”


Fashion consultant Naslin doesn’t just pose for the otherworldly images but plays a big part in Andreas’ creative process, giving him inspiration for what to create next.

While the dad hopes he’ll be dreaming up the whimsical art forever, he says that all depends on how Max feels about them when he grows up.

Andreas said: “Naslin is also a creative person and enjoys getting involved. I’m really happy that she lets me create these images I have in my head and likes being a part of the creations.

“She has wonderful ideas that really adds to the result.


“It’s great that we get to do something like this together and even though she nags me about spending too much time on the computer I know that she loves the end result.

“I’m not sure how Max will feel about them when he grows up but Naslin has said that he will love them.

“So if anything I will just let her take that conversation when it comes to it if he doesn’t like them.

“I wish I could say I’ll be making them forever, hopefully forever.

“But you never really know what kind of plans the future has for you, and we all need to be able to adapt to change to be the best we can be.

“But I do love it and all the wonderful feedback will fuel my creativity for years to come that’s one thing that is for sure.”


Max was a bit of a surprise for Andreas and Naslin but the couple are loving being parents and feel very lucky to have such a happy baby.

Andreas said: “To be honest, Max came as a surprise. Well not the birth but the news about us being pregnant.

“We hadn’t really discussed children in depth before so when we found out it was really about time we started that discussion.

“And although we were in doubt about the timing, we were sure about the feelings we had for each other and we knew that a child would only make us even more connected so of course we were happier than ever before.

“Naslin absolutely loves being a mum. She is such a great and loving mum, it’s hard to imagine her not as a mum now.

“We also try to really share the responsibility so we can both continue doing our jobs, which we love, and so we can both experience the joy of watching Max grow, develop and learn new things.

“From the day he was born I have been in a state of awe, being a dad is so much better than I could have ever imagined.

“I have always wanted to be a dad but never expected the kind of joy that he brings into my life.

“It’s like one of my co-workers said, it’s impossible to tell someone who isn’t a parent how it feels, they will never get it but those who are parents know exactly what you’re talking about.”