By Liam Geraghty

This is the moment a ‘competitive’ builder who swapped work for working out paid the price when he snapped his wrist while trying to beat his mates.

Jay Felton, 28, from Liverpool, was captured on CCTV falling off the plyometric box while working on a new gym in Hemel Hempstead, Herts.

The dry liner insists that his competitive nature took over when saw two colleagues effortlessly leap on the box at around 6pm on Monday (March 27).

He then took a run-up and tried to repeat the trick before falling flat on his back and sending the box hurtling backwards.

The slapstick slip saw Jay injure his hip and sent a Fitbit watch jutting into his wrist, which he claims has led to a fracture.

The bizarre moment was captured on CCTV and Jay insists that his pals have relentlessly mocked him for his gaffe.

Jay said: “I have seen my two mates have a go and do it and I am really really competitive.

“So while they have gone and done it off about two steps, I have taken about a 100-yard run-up and then I have fallen down and really hurt my hip.

“I was also wearing a Fitbit and that has bashed my wrist and broken it – I made it into work the day after but then had to go hospital with it.

“You can see on the video that I have stayed down for 20 to 30 seconds more out of embarrassment than anything.”

Jay insists that while his competitive nature backfired, he eventually was able to crack a smile when he saw footage of the video.

But it has not stopped him being mocked by his mates.

Jay said: “I’m really competitive so if I see someone do something like that then I have to give it a try myself.

“At the time, everyone was laughing and then when I saw the CCTV video I saw the funny side too – even if I hadn’t at the time.

“I’ve sent it to all my mates and they have all taken the p*** out of me.”

Site foreman Guy Oakes, 32, saw the incident unfold before sharing the footage online.

Guy said: “I was falling around the floor laughing when I saw it especially as we had all done it and he’s got such a competitive edge that it just wound him up even more.

“We have given him some stick but he was in so much pain when he was on the floor that we had to pretend that we weren’t laughing as much.”