Offbeat Video

By Andrew Kao

A student has filmed the moment he was “choke slammed” by a disgruntled paddling pool owner after his Speedo dare goes wrong. 

The footage filmed by Tyson Janssen, 20, on August 21, shows his friend, Gregory-Ryan Vincent Smith, running at speed before jumping into the large paddling pool while at the CMF Country Music Festival in Brownsville, Oregon. 

Gregory – who was naked apart from his Speedo’s – was then wrestled by the owner of the paddling pool as he struggled to get out and run free.

He added: “I had been wearing my Speedo’s and had been jumping in pools all day and then we saw another pool that all the boys I was with started hyping me up to jump in it. 

“I had been asking permission before every other pool but on this occasion they dared me to jump in and see what happens. 

“But let me tell you getting choked slammed was probably one of the those worst possible situations.”

Gregory opted to wear Speedo’s after his friend created a poll on Instagram whereby over 100 people voted for him to wear the attire in just 24 hours. 

He added: “Once at CMF everyone wanted pictures and for me to jump into their pools. 

“After I was choke slammed and managed to break free we stopped filming and ran for a little bit longer but we were all laughing so hard that we couldn’t make it very far.

“Luckily we didn’t see the guy again at the event.”