Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

 A bizarre zip-lining dinosaur has been spotted roaring over Denver.

 Castle Rock Zipline Tours in the Colorado city are famous for bizarre zip-lining costumes and have had zip guides in Speedos and Halloween costumes before, but never a t-rex – until now.

 This footage shows the hilarious moment a worker at the centre celebrated being able to get back on the wires in the most hilarious way.

 Worker Delfina Chavez said: “Jeremy – the dinosaur zip guide – had broken his leg and had to work in the office all summer.

“After the doctor cleared him up at the end of the summer, he decided to return to zip line guiding with a bang.

 “The big idea was to zip himself into a T-Rex costume he had used at a school talent show previously.

“This is by far the craziest idea we’ve had and something that has never been done before.

“Everyone watching thought zipping in the costume would be difficult, but he made it work by using one of the arm holes as a way to clip his harness through and onto the actually zip line. 

“The only difficult part of this was dealing with the hot summer heat, even though it had a small fan beneath the armpit.”