Life Video

By Ben Walley 

This heart-warming video shows the moment one man decided to make his father’s dream come true.

Jason Madsen, 33, has always been close to dad Bob, 62.

Now enjoying a successful career in real estate, Jason decided to surprise his dad with something he’s always wanted for his birthday- a Chevrolet Chevelle.

Jason’s brother, Josh said: ” Dad has wanted a Chevelle for as long as Jason can remember.

“Jason has always wanted to give back to his father in the biggest way he could.  

“His dad has always been a hard worker and still is, so Jason has wanted to give him the car he has always dreamed of. 

“So after finally getting into a financial position to be able to make the large purchase, he started looking for the car.”

Jason then planned the moment he would “reveal” the vehicle to his unexpecting father.

The video shows Bob walking out to the front of his house after being told to help unload the family boat. 

Clearly highly emotional as he sees the car with a giant bow on its bonnet. 

“It was 100% a complete surprise,” Josh said.  

“Only a handful of us knew about it.  He had no idea at all!  He thought his son was in town to celebrate his birthday and go fishing.  

“He was told to come around the backyard to help unload the Jon Boat.”

“Bob was completely shocked and surprised.  You can hear him say several times in the video ‘what did you do?'”

“Jason was emotional but managed to keep it together. He was very nervous but excited to finally have the day, he’s worked so long for this to come true.”