Life Video

 By Ben Walley 

The tear jerking moment a son surprised both his parents by returning home after 14 months away travelling has been captured on film. 

Jason, 51, and Jill, 49, were left speechless when their son, Troy, now 26, entered the family kitchen unannounced. 

They were expecting him home at Christmas after travelling across Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, and Singapore. 

The moment – which was caught on camera – shows both Troy’s parents looking stunned before they pull him in for a hug. 

Jason said: “No one had any idea that he would be returning home as he’d FaceTimed us two days previous whilst he was in Singapore and informed us that his next stop would be Vietnam and would be in touch once there.

“On the day he arrived home we had been to an old friends funeral who had passed away in his sleep. He was only a month older than me so it was a very emotional to say the least.

“As you may have noticed I was speechless for a while.

“For the next two hours or so we just talked about what had been going on in the time he’d been gone and we also asked a lot of questions about his adventures with lots of hugs and kisses thrown in.

The following days we all went out to eat and have a catch up. Since then Troy has been catching up with friends and family.

“Troy is now looking for work but plans on going on his travels again in February of next year once Christmas and Jill’s birthday have passed.”