Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

There’s no better relationship than the one between cat and dog…or so it seems.

This funny video shot by Danielle Jenkins, shows the rib-tickling moment her dog, Bodie, pushes her cat, Bash, off the side of a paddling pool and into the water, in a playful show of affection.

Danielle said: “Bodie and Bash have a brilliant relationship where Bash is chilled out and Bodie takes full advantage of his loving nature by constantly winding him up.” 

The fun-loving pets play together like this all the time and Danielle says she’s walked into the kitchen on many occasions and has seen Bash’s foot in Bodie’s mouth.

She said: “Bodie will sneak up on Bash and push him off the arm of the chair or off the side of the pool as in the video. Bash is literally Bodie’s best friend and his toy at the same time. 

“In this video, once Bodie had pushed Bash in the pool, he continued to chase him around the garden.

“Bash eventually went back inside, disheveled and wet.”

In the aftermath of the carnage, Danielle noticed that Bash had made a massive hole in the pool trying to stay put.

She said: “That’s just a normal day with those two though. I was just fortunate enough to notice Bodie’s typical ‘sneak’ and got it on camera!”