Animals Video

By Marshall King/David Aspinall

A bizarre viral video shows a horse making ice cream inside a thrift store.

While walking around the Rise ‘N Shine Marketplace, Indiana, food blogger Marshall King found out the amount of power needed to churn soft scoop is one horsepower.

The marketplace, opened by Orvin Bontrager in the heart of a large Amish community, uses traditional practices for transportation and food production.

The 2000lb Belgian draft horse named Bob, walks purposefully on a treadmill producing the motion for the ice cream churned next to him.

Orvin said: “It is a shame that using the horse and treadmill is no longer a big part of the Amish way of life.

“We always make sure our animals are happy and healthy.”

Using horses for transportation or field work is common in northern Indiana’s Amish communities, but working them this way isn’t any more. 

It’s more common in smaller Amish communities in Kentucky and Tennessee, where Orvin got the idea, and Bob also powers a kid’s merry-go-round in the store.

Bob and the store’s other animal – a goat – will be in place until Labor Day at the beginning of September.

The Rise ‘N Shine Marketplace is an outlet store selling furniture, overstocks and items returned to big retailers after online purchases.