Video Viral

By Kate Gill

 This is the nerve-racking moment a motorcyclist drives with ten barrels strapped around his bike.

 David Colhoun, 31, captured the moment he over took the unphased cyclist carrying the metal barrels whilst traveling around Hanoi, Vietnam, in July.

 Though it had become apparent to the mechanical engineer that locals rely on their motorbikes to transport more than the recommended weight on them, he was still stunned by the cargo. 

 The driver, who sensibly takes some safety precautions by wearing a helmet, appears completely relaxed and at ease whilst transporting the heavy load around the capital city.

David, from British Columbia, Canada said: “Before this, we had witnessed sights such as families of five all seated on one scooter, huge loads of rice bags and even jugs of water being carried.

 “They will literally carry anything on their bikes. 

 “But when we noticed this guy, we couldn’t believe our eyes, because of how big the load was compared to how small his bike was.  

 “We slowly caught up to him, so we could watch in complete astonishment.

“Becoming a bit concerned that they’d fall and hit us, we sped past him.”