Video Viral

By Nelson Groom

Spooky footage showing a driver passing a mysterious bright orb on a dark country road has sent the ghost hunting community into a spin.

Marine painter Andrew Hearn, 22, was driving home from a friend’s house in Maryland, United States, when he spotted the brightly glowing ball in the dead of night.

The footage has divided an online ghost hunting group, with some claiming it shows another car and others claiming there are ghostly goings-on.

Andrew, who believes it shows an otherworldly orb,: “I freaked out when I replayed the video, because I knew I was the only one on the road.”

“When I saw it at about 3:45 am I slowed down and looked back for a better look but there was nothing, no bikers or light or anything.”

“People have been debating whether it’s another car, bike, or a spirit orb.”

Intrigued by the sighting, Andrew researched the stretch of road to find there had been a number of accidents in the past.

He said previous paranormal experiences had led him to believe it was an orb, believed by some to be the evidence of an otherworldly spirit.

And Andrew plans to return to the scene where he captured the footage with a clearer camera to get to the unlock the mystery.

Andrew said: “I would like to believe it’s an orb in that photo, partly because of personal experiences I’ve had in the past.”

“I drive that stretch of road a lot, so next time I’m going to bring a better camera and see if I can find anything else.”