football tricks

By Ben Walley

A footy mad Essex man has filmed himself kicking a football into a basketball hoop.

Liam Coyte, 31, began filming his football tricks five years ago after his years of practicing started to take shape.

After spending most days after work attempting new tricks, Liam has finally nailed this basketball trick and has used two cameras to film the shot.

Liam, a greenkeeper, said: “I’ve always loved football from a young age but doing trick shots from a far distance is something you do really need to practice at.

“So I practice most days after work and make videos whenever I can, it is hard coming up with new ideas after a few years of doing it.

“But there could be a larger variety if I had better access to places.”

Liam claims his initial inspiration came from viewing online videos and feeling he could come up with better shots.

He added: “My favourite tricks are those with moving targets as they are harder to perfect.

“I do tricks every day and some days are better than others but over time I have come better and better.”