Life Video

By David Aspinall

These parents-to-be ensured a special delivery when they revealed their pregnancy to their parents by sticking a sonogram to the underside of a pizza box.

When Noelle and Chris Barrick found out they were expecting their son, they wondered how best to break the happy news to her family.

While at the house of Noelle’s mum and dad, Joni and Harry Coken, in December 2015 for dinner, the family are all waiting to tuck in to their deep pan dishes.

When Joni opens the lid on her pizza she screams for a solid 20 seconds when she spots the sonogram before finally getting her words out and shouting ‘she’s pregnant’.


Noelle, from Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, USA, said: “Chris told my mom that we had ordered her a special topping so she would open the box because we knew her reaction was bound to be great.

“Everyone was very excited because we never told anyone that we were even thinking of starting a family.

“We were very secretive.

“It was my husband’s idea, but he actually doesn’t remember how he came up with it.

“On his way to my parent’s house – I was already there – he picked up the pizzas and just taped a copy of an ultrasound in the lid before he walked inside.”


Noelle and Chris have been married for two and a half years, having been together for a total of five years.

The couple welcomed their son Hudson into the world on May 20 2016 and he is now eight months old.