Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe 

A lion was not best pleased with the antics of his cubs as he gave them a stern telling off. 

The video, captured by Johan van Eeden, shows the proud lion roaring at the cubs and they playfight alongside him at the Masia Mara National Park, in Kenya.

Johan was with his wife Lori at the time, whilst working in the Masia Mara at a private game lodge.

He said: “The lion, named Brown, is the father of all of the cubs and they form part of a large pride of around 18 to 20 lions. 

“There were three females in the pride with cubs at the same time, so these cubs are not all from one female. 

“Brown’s brother, Scar is also a pride member of the same pride and they run the area within their pride very effectively as you can see.

“You don’t often see such gentle behaviour between male lions and their cubs. 

“Usually the little ones get a smack from the big males if they become irritating. Brown is actually a very gentle lion, especially with his own cubs. There is a strong bond between the pride members.”