Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This pair of free-spirited inventors have put together what’s jokingly been dubbed the “world’s largest barbecue lighter.”

In the hilarious footage, Peter Sripol and Samuel Foskuhl can putting together and even test driving their creation – an item that represents more of a flamethrower than a humble lighter.

Pic from Peter Sripol / Caters

Outdoors in Ohio, USA, in July of this year, the pair’s “lighter” managed to torch an entire barbecue grill when trying to use it, as well as setting off a pile of fireworks in a field.

The lighter was created by using a modified weed torch, electric ignition, and a blowtorch, all placed inside a custom-made housing to make it look like a traditional lighter.

Pic from Peter Sripol / Caters

The idea for the project, Sam said, came to the 26-year-old YouTube personalities after they had seen big projects carried out by the likes of Zippo and BIC.

Sam said: “It wasn’t too difficult. 

“The machining of the foam and fiberglassing took the longest, but making everything fit well was the most complicated part

“It took under a week from design to end result.”