Animals Video

By Helen Le Caplain

A holidaymaker was baffled when he spotted a pint-sized pooch enjoying a FAIRGROUND RIDE – underneath a sign emblazoned with the phrase ‘children only’.

Greg Campbell, 28, watched open mouthed as the Jack Russell wagged his tail as he calmly rode the small ferris wheel at Cashcade Arcade in Ingoldmells, Lincs on Sunday afternoon.

The warehouse operative was stunned that other visitors didn’t seem fazed by the spectacle.


But customers recognise the five-year-old pooch, named George Clooney, as he’s a regular at the arcade with owner Ann Murphy and visits for twice-weekly rides.

Greg whipped his phone out and filmed the 18-second clip to show 27-year-old girlfriend Holliee Rogers, eight-year-old step-daughter Aaliyah Paget and one-year-old son Harvey Campbell.

Greg from Bedworth, Warwickshire, said: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – who would put a dog on a kids’ ride?

“I was laughing but people didn’t seem bothered about it. 

“I filmed it as my girlfriend and the kids were in the arcade at the time and I wanted to show them as I knew they wouldn’t believe me otherwise.

“The dog looked pretty chilled during the three-minute ride – he’s probably used to it and does it all the time.  


“People there didn’t seem to be taking any notice but people on my social media were going crazy.”

George Clooney’s owner Ann, 74, said she’d been paying for him to ride the 6ft high ferris wheel at their family arcade four times a week for the last two years – shelling out more than £400 in the process.

Widowed Ann from Ingoldmells, Lincs, said: “He’s been on the ride for the last couple of years now, he loves it.

“It started when he saw children on it and he was looking at them as though he wanted to have a ride so I put him on it.

“He sat perfectly as the ride started and was wagging his tail, I couldn’t believe it. 

“We go twice a week to see family. I show him £1 and say ‘if you’re good you will have a ride’. 


“When he sees the coin he runs over to it He has a couple of goes and if there’s a crowd I sometimes let him have another go. He loves it.

“Another owner tried it with her dog but he didn’t like it.”  

Retired travelling showman Ann has had George Clooney, named after her favourite actor, since he was four months old and enjoys an incredible bond with him.

Ann said: “The bond we have is unbelievable, he’s made my life.”