By Jamie Smith

It’s behind you – a mum has captured a photo of her two year old daughter smiling next to Australia’s second deadliest snake.

Pic by Bianca Dickinson/Caters News

Bianca Dickenson, 38, from Victoria, Australia, was on her way to pick up her older children from school when she stopped to take a lovely photo of her two-year-old, Molly, playing.

But it wasn’t until seconds after the photo was taken when Bianca realised what she’d photographed.

The images showed her youngest daughter stood smiling, whilst one of Australia’s most lethal predators slithered behind her on the ground.

Pic by Bianca Dickinson/Caters News

The mum-of-four was only at the end of their drive way when she unwittingly captured the moment the venomous snake slid next to her youngest child.

Thankfully, terrified Bianca managed to grab her daughter just in time and checked her for any bite marks.

She now claims she can’t look at the photos because it makes her feel ill.

Pic by Bianca Dickinson/Caters News

Bianca said: “I was just trying to get a nice photo of my daughter.

“But looking back at the photo, I froze, it showed my two-year-old, Molly, and a huge Eastern brown snake.

“I didn’t realise what I was photographing at the time.

Pic by Bianca Dickinson/Caters News

“When I realised, I was obviously terrified and wanted to get my children and myself to safety.

“I don’t like looking at the images at all, they make me feel seriously sick to my stomach.”

Although Molly went unharmed, the tiny tot escaped what could have been a tragic incident.