By Taniya Dutta

A milkman killed a tuk-tuk driver by smashing his head with a slab of cement in India.

The incident took place in a crowded market in Churu in Rajasthan in western India and was recorded on a CCTV camera.

A minor scuffle erupted between auto-driver Mushtaq Niwaraia, 36, when he was trying to overtake another vehicle but made a small scratch on Hiralal’s bike, who was approaching from the opposite direction.

Irked by the scratch, the milkman got off his bike and began to argue with Mushtaq that turned ugly and resulted in his murder.

In the video, the two men can be seen exchanging a heated altercation before a crowd gathers to pacify them.

After couple of seconds when Hiralal, 40, sits on his bike to end the scuffle, Mushtaq pulls out a screw driver from his bag and charges at Hiralal in an attempt to stab him.

This is when the enraged milkman picks up a large slab of cement and hits Mushtaq on head.

Mustaq was rushed to the hospital by the crowd but succumbed to the head injuries.

The milkman was apprehended by the police after people raised alarm.

Mr Godara, police officer, who is looking into the case, said: “Hiralal sat on his bike to leave the place when he spotted Mushtaq holding a big screw driver. That’s when he thought it was a life threat and he too picked up a boulder lying on the road and smashed it on the head of Mushtaq.

“We have seized the blood stained boulder which would be used as the prime evidence against the accused. We are also looking for independent witnesses who were seen at the market place when the incident took place. The accused is already been sent to the jail and now we are aiming at filing the charge-sheet in 10 days ,” he added.

India has one of the highest accounts of road rage fatalities in the world with one life snuffed out every 3.6 minutes. A survey done in 2016 put the number of deaths to as high as 400 a day.