Life Video

By Ben Walley

This heart-warming video shows the moment one man decided to make his girlfriend’s dreams come true all at once.

Captured Matt Zerbe at his home in Manheim, Atlanta, the footage captures Matt using a corgi puppy to surprise his girlfreind before she finds an engagement ring wrapped in string around the pups neck.

Matt said he spent weeks planning the perfect moment to pop the question. In the end he opted to get a Corgi puppy, attach a wedding ring to its neck with “Marry me” written on it.

He said: “It wasn’t until Grace went to a wedding with her dad in another state that I knew I was going to do it. The day that she left I contacted a breeder and found the perfect dog. A few days later I found myself driving 3 hours to pick her up. 

“After getting who is now Mirlo I headed to Adam and Danielle’s house to stay the night and drop Mirlo off as they would be dog sitting her. It wasn’t until a week later that I had asked her. It was a Tuesday and I knew that we had off the following day. So that was it. The day was picked and I was ready to do it.  

He added that Grace has always had a strong love of Corgi’s.

“Ever since we started dating corgis have always always been our favourite,” he said. 

“Every time that we saw a funny video or picture of one we would tag each other in it. In the months leading up to the big day we were really starting to look into getting one. So I knew it would be perfect.”

On the night of the proposal, Grace arrived home on time and the plan was set.

“When asking the question I wasn’t really nervous,” Matt said. 

“I think the joy of being able to not only see our puppy for the first time in a week after getting her (Adam and Danielle had her in secret for me) and the joy of finally being able to ask Grace if she would be my wife. Seeing her reaction when she saw Mirlo just made it that much better. 

I was really hoping that she would be in complete shock. And I definitely got that reaction. It took a little bit longer to get to the final result as expected though with Mirlo not being sure of who Grace was right away. Once she read the tag I knew water works would be arriving shortly after.”