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By Taniya Dutta

A cute kitty has been winning the hearts of online fans with her striking white fur coat – marked with a natural heart.

Adorable one-year-old Ikura has amassed a following of over 18,000 ardent fans on Instagram in just over six months for the romantic markings on her back. 

Pic by Sachiko Kouraba/ CATERS NEWS

Named after salmon caviar in Japanese, the one-year-old kitty lives with her owners Sachiko Kouraba, 36, a pharmacist, and her husband Sachio Kouraba, 51, a doctor, in Hokkaido. 

Sachiko, who is besotted by Ikura’s cuteness said: “I got her home nine months ago. 

“I found her in the pet shop. She was unsold and I did not waste time to get her home. 

“A few weeks ago, I made two dolls that looks like her babies. 

“She makes me so happy.

“We are not home during the day and she has an answering machine. 

Pic by Sachiko Kouraba/ CATERS NEWS

“She often looks out of the window to spot a bird and when not, she spends her time napping.”

Sachiko, who often takes Ikura out for car rides, said the little kitty understands people praise her and watches them politely.

The pristine white cat has her own ‘replica’ toys that her owner Sachiko has stitched and is often found looking out of their sunny window with her ‘babies’.  

Sachiko added: “She is a good girl. Whenever we go out people come to see her coat. 

Pic by Sachiko Kouraba/ CATERS NEWS

“They say she is a beautiful cat. Ikura seems to understand that she is being praised and she watches everyone.”