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By Sophie Norris

A Winnie-the-Pooh-mad mum has no room for her kids’ toys as she celebrates the release of Christopher Robin with a display of her huge honey-loving bear collection.

Vicky Fee, 35, started collecting Pooh toys more than two decades ago and currently has 265 at her home.

But the science teacher is reluctantly selling off her collection as it takes up so much space she has no room to store the toys of her sons William Fee, five, and Alexander Fee, two.

The mum of two hopes today’s release of Christopher Robin, directed by Marc Foster, will create a new generation of Pooh Bear fans.

Vicky, of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, said: “I have 165 of the small eight-inch Winnie the Poohs in my collection, along with 100 larger ones. They all come with different outfits.

“Many are from the Disney stores or collector’s fairs and I’ve kept the tags on some.

“My favourite one is a 2007 limited edition Disney store exclusive 30cm Pooh. It’s number 270 of 5000 made. It was the first my husband bought me.


“I’ve two little boys though now and I’ve no room for their toys because of all my Winnie the Poohs.

“My husband’s supportive of my love of Winnie the Pooh but it does take over the house a little bit.

“He agrees it’s probably time to sell my collection now that we have William and Alexander’s toys to think about.”

Now Vicky has William and Alexander’s toys to make room for, she plans on selling them to a collector.

The soft toys were previously stored in her old bedroom at her mum Debbie Horrock’s house, the 56-year-old recently insisted Vicky move the bears out.

While she may have to give up her collection, Vicky will never give up her love for Pooh bear.

And the mum has vowed to  take her boys to the cinema to watch Christopher Robin in the hopes of starting a life-long love of Winnie the Pooh for them too.


Vicky said: “My collection was at my mum’s house until recently. When I was younger my dad had to put up a shelf in my room for them, then another, then a third.

“There’s nowhere for them to be kept safe now. I’d hate to stick them in the loft and for them to start getting ruined. They’re currently in my living room.

“The boys love them but with them being quite old and collector’s items, I don’t want them to be damaged.

“They are something to be looked at, not played with. I do like cuddling them, but mostly I keep them stored away.

“Pooh’s rarely on TV anymore, but I’ve heard the new film is a really lovely story that will appeal to everyone.

“I’ll definitely be watching the new Christopher Robin film and I’ll take the boys. Hopefully it’ll introduce younger children to the character.”

Vicky was first introduced to Winnie the Pooh as a little girl when her father read the AA Milne stories to her.


She has collected Pooh toys for 21 years, since the age of 14, and Vicky’s mum even bought them for her every week until she was 20.

Vicky’s favourite bear, a 2007 limited edition Pooh, is kept safely out of reach of her tots as she looks to sell them to other collectors to make more room.

Vicky said: “I love Winnie the Pooh as he reminds me of being a child – he is carefree, friendly and adventurous. He’s just wonderful.

“I can’t remember when I was first introduced to the character but I was very young.

“My family are big story fans and so I guess my dad would read me stories about Pooh when I was little.

“When I was a little girl he just appealed to me because he’s so fat and loveable. I’ve always loved him.

“I think I probably started collecting the bears when I was 14 and I’ve got more and more since then.

“The bears come in all the different costumes in the Disney shops and from when it opened, my mum would go to the Trafford Centre for me every Tuesday and buy one.

“She stopped buying me them around 15 years ago but some are so valuable and popular – they would sell out pretty quickly and are worth a lot now.”