Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

Brave specialist divers jumped in next to a huge whale to free it from crab nets wrapped around its body.

Members from the Chilean navy were alerted to the ‘agitated and fearful’ mammal by fishermen who had spotted it off the island of Navarino, by Cape Horn in Patagonia.

Jumping in next to the huge whale, it took the diver more than an hour to cut the rope and wire as the cetacean which was unable to swim away.

As the whale twisted and turned in the water out of fear, the diver works tirelessly to release the whale before returning to his boat called Alacalufe.

Captain Cesar Quiroga, Commander of the Beagle Naval District, said: “After just over an hour, the divers managed to free this cetacean, despite the danger of being in the water with a large whale.