Animals Video

By Randall Coombs

This hilarious video shows the moment that one furry feline was captivated by a patch of light.

Captured by Brandon Van Buytene at his home, the video shows his 4-month-old cat, Norma.

Norma can be seen frantically darting around the kitchen as she try’s to focus on the light.

Brandon said: “There was a light reflecting on the kitchen ceiling in our apartment and she was just staring at it until of course she started clicking like the way she did. She’s never done that before, and in fact that was the first time I’ve ever heard a cat do that.

“My brother, girlfriend, and I were all in the kitchen when this happened and were all shocked by her clicking.”

Brandon added that Norma’s behaviour in this instance was not unusual as she’s usually a bit of a handful.

He said: “Norma is the most hyper, energetic cat I’ve ever had. She’s quite the handful. When I come home from work she climbs up onto my shoulders, she’s always zipping and zooming around our apartment, she climbs to the top of doors which is quite the balancing act.”