Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This is the heartstopping moment a dog owner realises his pet has fallen into a pool before jumping in to save her.

Bernard Williams was on his daily jog around his pool at home in Bakersfield, California, on August 14 with his beloved French bulldogs Lola and Adela.

As the CCTV captured, six-month-old Adela toppled into the hot tub creating quite a splash.

Fortunately, Bernard realises quickly and jumps straight into the water to lift her on to the side and rub her down to make sure she’s safe.

Bernard said: “I was so shaken up by this event since it’s a fear I’ve always had since having a pool.

“Even now, its still a massive shock.

“Adela was stunned for a few seconds after I pulled her out of the hot tub but recovered quickly thankfully.

“I do morning jogs with them both to encourage them to stay fit.”